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ARA repeaters can be linked together in order to form what is known as a linked repeater system or linked repeater network. In such a system, when one repeater is keyed-up by receiving a signal, all the other repeaters in the network are also activated and will transmit the same signal. The connections between the repeaters are made via radio frequency (RF) for maximum reliability. Our network has a feature that allows the user to be able to turn additional repeaters and links on or off in the network. This feature is typically done with DTMF tones to control the network infrastructure. Such a system allows coverage over a wide area, enabling communication between amateurs often hundreds of miles apart.


Click on individual repeater location numbers on the map below for repeater information and pictures.

 You can zoom the map in or out to see all repeaters.

Click the upper left box on the map to see all repeaters listed. 

The map is incomplete and is a work in progress.

The following repeaters are currently linked full time for testing and debugging.

  • 145.170  - (PL 100.0)  Bolt Mountain
  • 145.210  - (PL 100.0)  Big A Mountain
  • 145.230  - (PL 100.0)  Lick Knob
  • 145.290  - (PL 100.0)  Butt Mountain (Mtn. Lake)
  • 146.895  - (PL 100.0)  Point Lookout Mountain
  • 146.955  - (PL 100.0)  Oneida Peak
  • 443.775 + (PL 100.0)  East River Mountain (Remote Base)

The list below is incomplete and a work in progress.  Technicians please help me keep this list updated and correct :-)


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